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Pink Lemonade Jello Shots


6 large lemons

1 cup pink lemonade

2 Knox unflavored gelatin envelopes

1 Tablespoon lemon juice

1 cup lemon or citrus vodka - chilled

Optional - pink food gel


1. Cut each lemon in half lengthwise. Microwave 2 lemons at a time on high for 15 seconds. Squeeze the juice out of each lemon half and with a spoon, remove the inside pulp and membrane. (Microwaving a lemon helps release the juice and membrane so much easier)!

2. Place the lemon halves inside a large muffin pan to help hold them secure for the addition of the hot jello mixture.

3. In a medium saucepan, add the pink lemonade and lemon juice and heat under medium heat for 10 minutes. Do not allow the lemonade to boil. Remove from heat.

4. Optional: Add 1-2 drops of pink food color if you desire a darker, richer pink hue. Stir well to incorporate.

5. Sprinkle the 2 packets of gelatin into the lemonade mixture and whisk briskly until the gelatin is dissolved.

6. Pour the gelatin mixture into a large Pyrex measuring cup or bowl and add the chilled lemon/citrus vodka. Stir well to distribute.

7. Pour the jello mixture into each lemon half, filling almost to the top. I left about a half an inch space from the top of each lemon.

8. Chill overnight or for at least 4 hours.

9. Before serving, cut each lemon half into 3 slices.

10. ENJOY!!


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