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Valentine’s Brunch Charcuterie Board

Show off your Valentine’s Day spirit with a Valentine's Day inspired Charcuterie Board. Use mostly healthy options and a few sweets treats. You can truly use whatever ingredients you want. I went for a mixture of fresh fruits and a few sweets that were pink, and different hues of red. Simply arrange the ingredients in whatever way your heart desires.

How to make a charcuterie board

1. Decide on a theme and color scheme.

2. Choose your board or platter. Round, square, rectangle etc.

3. Decide if you want sweet or savory eats or both.

4. Make sure to include easy to eat finger foods that aren’t too messy.

5. Create focal points with a few cute dishes, Fill these with small snacks or dips and place them on the board first in a fairly symmetrical pattern. This can be moved around as you go along.

6. Create small groups of food items all over the board. Use smaller items to fill any gaps.

7. There are no rules have fun, enjoy and get creative.


Fresh Raspberries

Fresh Strawberries

Red Grapes

Red & White Heart Shaped Gummies

Pink Grapefruit

Dove Chocolate Valentine's Day Candies

Pink & Red Sprinkles

Tree Hive Maple Syrup + honey (a house favorite)

Tree Hive Pancake & Waffle Mix

Homemade Heart Shaped Waffles

Whipped Cream

Fresh Cherries

Heart Shaped Strawberry filled Cookies

Fresh Pomegranate

2 or more Fresh Roses

Mini Strawberry Doughnuts


1. Arrange all the ingredients on a large platter.

2. Serve with a mixture of drinks, wine or cocktails.

Tools Used

Dash XOXO Waffle Maker- in Magenta Dash Pink Heart Mini Waffle Maker

I absolutely love these mini waffle makers!! They are so cute and super easy to use. They work great, very fast and make perfect shapes each time.

I found these adorable waffle makers at my local Target for $12.99 each.


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