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Frozen Coconut Mojito


Cream of Coconut – Sweet coconut cream often used in mixed drinks. 

Coconut Rum – Coconut flavored rum to double the coconut flavor.

Fresh Lime Juice – Fresh citrus juice makes a huge difference, don’t buy bottled juice.

Fresh Mint Leaves – Adds some fresh herbal flavor that provides a contrast from the tang and sweetness. 

Ice – Blended in to make this drink thick and frozen


Pull out your blender, and place the ice into the jar. 

Pour coconut rum on top of the ice.

Then add in cream of coconut to thicken the drink. 

Squeeze fresh lime juice and add that to the jar. 

Add a few fresh mint leaves and close the lid on the blender. 

Blend the whole mixture until it becomes a silky smooth frozen beverage. 

Pour into glasses and garnish with a lime wedge and mint leaves. Enjoy!


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