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Campfire Cocktail


1 marshmallow

1 tbsp. chocolate syrup

1 tbsp. graham cracker crumbs


1 oz. vodka

2 oz. baileys

2 oz. 2% milk or vegan milk

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Place your marshmallow in a small pan, over medium heat, and toast until browned (1-2 minutes)

Meanwhile, rim a lowball glass with chocolate sauce, and dip immediately in graham cracker crumbs.

Fill your cocktail shaker with ice, toss in the vodka and bailey's and shake vigorously (the longer the better. It should be FREEZING cold and well agitated).

Place 2-3 ice cubes in your glass, pour liquor mixture overtop, fill the rest of the glass with milk, top with toasted marshmallow and enjoy!


Multiply this recipe how many times you'd like, depending on how many cocktails you're making

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