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Unicorn Toast

How to make unicorn toast:

In small bowls, swirl 1-2 tablespoons plain coconut milk yogurt (depending on how many pieces of toast you want), with a natural food coloring of choice. See below for food coloring options. A little coloring goes a long way so use less and you can always mix in more until you reach your desired unicorn color. Add spoonfuls of the rainbow dyed mixtures to toast, switching colors until you’ve smothered the whole surface. With a butter knife, blend and swirl each color together! Sprinkle with spirulina powder, turmeric, blue majik powder or actual sprinkles. Top with banana coins, kiwi, or any fruit! I used these shape cutters for fun shapes!

No fake food colors or chemicals here ♥

We found this recipe at

Natural food colorings


a few drops of red beet juice (this is what I used) or beet root powder

dragonfruit juice (from Pitaya Plus smoothie packs)

pomegranate juice or powder


ground turmeric


E3Live blue majik

powder (from capsules; this is what I used)

red cabbage juice


spirulina powder

(this is what I used)

matcha powder

liquid chlorophyll


pure blueberry juice

purple sweet potatoes


carrot juice

ground paprika

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